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Denham Springs Wood Fences – The Perfect Fence For Your Home Or Business Fencing Needs

Wood adds a natural aesthetic feel when included in a property’s landscaping.  It is a number one choice for homeowners because it has evolved too far from other fence materials.  What makes wood a premium quality fencing material that should be on the top of our list when you are deciding on a material to use for your fence in Denham Springs?

Discover the different types of wood that can be used in fencing your home and how they can both provide the right form and function that you need in a fence.

Big Easy Fence is a fencing company in Denham Springs, proudly serving in the community for years, installing the best long-lasting wood fences for both residential fencing and commercial properties.

How Much Does a Wooden Fence Cost in Denham Springs?

Wood fencing can be one of the cost-effective fence materials that you can have for your Denham Springs home.  The cost of wood fence installation will depend on the type of wood used and the area that needs to be converted with wood fencing.

Check our fencing testimonials gallery and talk to us about your fencing needs.  Our fencing professionals will help you understand the best type of wood for your fencing project that will enhance the overall landscaping appeal of your property.

The average total of a fencing project is between $1,711-$3,290 or 12-$27 per linear foot.  Typically, you can spend $2,755 on an average 6-foot tall wood fence.  This cost will vary depending on the following factors:

  • materials
  • size
  • design
  • labor expenses

If you need wooden fencing, we have a great team who are trained and who have the skill and talent to install a quality fence that will increase privacy, security, and curb appeal for your property.

Fences can also add value to our home so we are proud to be able to build you attractive fences that can last for years while providing you with the boundaries that you need.

How Long Do Wood Fences Last?

Fences that are made of wood will have varying life.  This is because wood is available in different types.  But, you can be assured that fences made of quality wood can last up to 20 years. Wood is a natural material so it is vulnerable to wear and tear, hence, if your wood fence is not made from 100% treated lumber, expect it to last for about 10 years.

There are ways for you to know if it is time to replace your wooden fence.  These signs should be taken seriously and let your professional fence installer replace your wooden fence instead of just repairing it.

Wood Fences Denham Springs

  • rotting, especially in areas of the fence close to the ground
  • leaning off to one side means your fence is losing strength
  • lots of split, warped, and missing boards that can cause structural problems
  • loose and missing nails and screws

If you want to know more about how long wood fencing can last, our professional fence installers can help you estimate the life of a wooden fence that is best for your property.

We assure you that whatever type of wood you choose for your fence, we use only the best quality, treated to last for years.  We also offer fence maintenance services to help keep your wooden fence resistant to pests and decay.

What is the Best Type of Wooden Fence?

We can install any type of wood for your fencing needs.  We have softwoods from evergreens, that are the best choice for construction purposes.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is one of the most popular wood fences today.  Cedar wood contains the aromatic oil cypretine, making it insect-free and rot-resistant.  This type of wood also tends to warp less because of its tight grain and a low number of knots.  We use only treated cedar wood for fencing. It is applied with a finish to make it more durable and to prevent it from turning gray.

Cypress Fencing

We have cypress wood for your fencing needs in Denham Springs.  It also contains natural oils like cypretine, which makes it resistant to insects and rot.  We use treated cypress that are more durable. It can be a great choice if you want a handsome gothic picket fence.

Redwood Fencing

One of the best options for a wooden fence that we can give you is the redwood fence.  The quality, durability, and aesthetic value of a redwood fence is comparable to other types of wood fences.  It has a beautiful deep red color and excellent insect and rot-resistant quality.  We install redwood fences that are treated or stained to prevent them from turning gray.

And More….

Other types of quality wood fencing material that we install for homes include:

Wood Fencing

  • Pressure-treated pine
  • Presssure-treated fir
  • Spruce
  • White oak

We also use other fencing materials like vinyl for vinyl fences, fencing custom iron, chain link fences, agco fencing, aluminum fences, and other fencing materials for residential and commercial fencing.

Best For Fencing? Get it From Us!

Work with us to add value to your property and enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal with a wooden fence.  We have a great team of fence installers who have also been trained in customer relations.  We offer a free estimate with our wood fencing services.

Denham Springs Wood Fencing – Get the Best Quality From Us

Create a natural beauty that will blend with your environment with a wooden fence.  We install wooden fences for homes and commercial properties.  We will build you the wooden fence that will give you the privacy, security, and safety for your property with added charm and style. Contact us today to get started!

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