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Prairieville Fence Repair – Bring Back The Beauty of Your Fences

Fence-Repair-thumb-4 If your fence is damaged, it will not function well and serve its purpose. We understand how much of a burden it could be for you to repair a broken fence as much as to have one installed.

Our fence installation services also include fence repair for fences that have grown weary because of accidental damage or natural wear and tear. As a trusted fence contractor, Big Easy Fence provide fence repair services to our clients to get back the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their fences.

We are capable and experienced contractors for fence installation, repair, and maintenance. Our company offers these services for both residential and commercial applications. We provide the added security and curb appeal that your home and business need.

How Long Should A Fence Last?

A fence that is properly installed and maintained well can last for 15 to 20 years. Our fence contractors follow fence installation, maintenance, and repair guidelines to make sure that your fence will last as long as it should.

Why Is Fence Repair Necessary?

The main purpose why fences are installed is to secure a property, protect children and pets, and create the landscape atmosphere desired. Fences are one of the elements in a property that is highly exposed to the elements. Hence, they can experience sagging, rotting, and all sorts of damage.

Our highly-experienced craftsmen can do all kinds of repairs for any type of damage on any fence material. We are dedicated to making sure that your fence will get the appropriate repair it needs.

How Much Does It Cost For A Fence Repair in Prairieville?

Prairieville Fence repair- Big Easy Fence Fences come in different styles and property owners use a fence for a variety of purposes as well. In time, fences will need repairing because they are one of the features of a property that is exposed to the elements. Heavy rainfall, snowstorms, harsh winds, and salt air can cause a fence to rot, rust, and degrade. Hence, fence repair becomes inevitable.

We repair fences in Prairieville for large construction organizations, commercial properties, and residential properties. Our affordable fence repair services cover all types of fence materials like wood, chainlink fences, PVC fences, electric fences, metal fences, aluminum fences, and vinyl fences.

Depending on the material. labor, and extent of damage to your home fence, expect to spend an average of $250 to $750 or $15 to $35 per foot. If you have a small fence, it will cost $100 to $200 for repairs on holes, crack, wood rot, or missing boards. More complicated repairs like replacing fence posts and panels or a leaning fence can cost $250 to $1,000.

Here’s a complete list of the average cost per foot of fence repair according to the material your fence is made of:

  • Wood: $13 – $27
  • Chain-link $15 – $25
  • Vinyl $25 – $36
  • Aluminum:  $25 – $40
  • Bamboo:  $15 – $25
  • Wrought iron:  $30 – $50
  • Lattice:  $20 – $45
  • Composite:  $20 – $32.50
  • Steel and iron:  $18.25 – $25.75
  • Bamboo:  $3.15 – $5.75

The average cost of fence repair according to the complexity of repair is:

  • Leaning fence:  $250 – $600
  • Replace fence post:  $120 – $400
  • Rehang fallen fence:  $150 – $400
  • Repair holes and cracks:  $100 – $350
  • Repair wood rot:  $150 – $400
  • Replace fence panel:  $150 – $400
  • Replace missing boards:  $100 – $200
  • Replace missing boards:  $100 – $200
  • Gate Repair:  $100 – $400

Contact us today and we will give you a free estimate of the cost of your home fence repair in Prairieville. We value that you understand the fence repair process that will be done, the materials that will need replacement, if any, and the breakdown of the cost that you will be paying for the service.

Different Kinds of Fence Repair

Fence Post Repair

We secure broken posts and straighten them into place so that your fence will stand confident and strong.

Fence Gate Repair

We do all kinds of fence gate repairs on sagging gates, missing pickets, and so much more.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Whatever problems your vinyl fence encounters, we can do the repairs for you. We can patch holes and cracks without disassembling your vinyl fence so your fence will look good as new.

Wood Fence Repair

We do fence repair on common wood fence issues such as rotting, chipping away due to termite infestation, missing or rusted nails, missing panels, sagging posts, wobbliness, and chipping or cracking paint.

Metal Fence Repair

When you notice these signs on your metal fence, it’s high time you need metal fence repair services:

  • Your iron fence posts have shifted and started drooping or sagging
  • Sections of your fence are missing
  • The paint on your fence has started peeling
  • Your fence has traces of rust
  • Some of the rails have become bent

There are many ways your fence can show damage and we service any type of repair that your fence needs. We will make your fence look great and stand proud. Experience the dramatic difference a professional fence repair service can do for your fence in Prairieville.

Our Fence Repair Process

Fence repair companies generally follow a standard process in repairing fences. If you check our fence repair testimonials gallery contact page, you will see how each of our customers was satisfied with the fence repair that we did for their home.

We have serviced many residential and commercial property owners and we would love to provide the same quality fencing repair services to make sure your fence is functional and attractive.

Fence repair The common repairs we do for wood fencing and other fencing materials include:

  • Wet or dry rot damage: We cut out the infected area entirely with a saw and then patch or replace it with new wood.
  • Rusted or popped nails: We simply replace them with new nails
  • Sagging or wobbly fence for metal fencing custom iron fences and other types of fences: We provide support with a brace or tension rod
  • Rotten fence: We do fence replacement to prevent the rot from spreading to the fence itself

If you need fence repair in Prairieville, our team will come to you to do the fixing. Work with us to make your fence function for the main purpose you had it installed:  to protect your most important investment, your family.

Our Other Professional Fence Services

Along with our fence expertise, we also offer additional services that will complete the installation process of a uniquely sturdy and aesthetic fence like:

For all the above types of fences, we do the installation, maintenance, and repair services. We service homes and industrial properties with a free quote on all services. Our licensed contractors are friendly, experienced, and skilled to carry out small big fence projects. Contact us today to get started.

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