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Denham Springs Wrought Iron Fences – The Best Quality Fencing and Gates in the Area

Wrought Iron Fences- Big Easy FenceChoosing a wrought iron fence from Big Easy Fence means choosing premium workmanship, quality design, and excellent customer service.  We handcraft iron fences with great skill and precision to detail for the design that you like.

We have been in the fencing industry for decades and we have a team of talented and professional wrought iron fence makers and installers who can create a wrought iron fence with character and longevity.

We are dedicated to our goal to provide each of our client’s quality bespoke fencing services and install a fence that would serve its aesthetic and protective purpose.

Our fencing process begins with a conversation with you to talk about design options on our fences gallery reviews and to make sure that we meet all conservation and building regulations in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

What Is a Wrought Iron Fence?

A wrought iron fence is made up of raw elemental iron, a naturally occurring standalone substance harvested from the earth.  However, there is wrought iron manufactured with added iron silicate.

We have been working with iron for fences that are installed with refined and professional workmanship.  You can request a specific design and we will work with iron to make a custom iron fence for your home.

Contact us and we will be glad to show you designs that we did before for iron fences.  Our quality fencing services include detailed work to make sure that you get the look you like for your iron fence.

How Much Is  Wrought Iron Fencing in Denham Springs Louisiana?

The cost of a wrought iron fence will greatly depend on these three factors:

  • The local price of material
  • Tools
  • Labor
  • The area that needs to be covered with a fence
  • Size of the fence
  • Color

In Denham Springs, you can expect to spend an average of $2,700 toDenham Springs Wrought Iron Fences- Big Easy Fence $3,552, which is the national average cost to install a fence made with wrought iron.

If you want your fence to have more intricate designs, the cost could go higher.  Likewise, decorative additions and a gate will also increase the price.

For example, a fence that is as much as 6 feet high or more with a complex ornamental design can cost so much more than a shorter, simpler fence.

The more complicated and the bigger the area that needs to be covered with a fence, the nearer your cost will be to the high-end rate.

Our fencing services in Denham Springs with wrought iron are cost-effective.  we guarantee that you will have a fence made with wrought iron that will last for decades.

Wrought iron fences are easy to maintain and will give you the best ROI in the long run compared with other fencing materials.  Contact us today and we will be happy to give you a quote for free.

We can talk about the design and color you like for your wrought iron fence.  Our fencing work with wrought iron comes in a variety of different styles with different colors, aside from black to match the overall design of your home.

You can also add decorative features such as curved bars, custom post caps, and decorative shapes.

Wrought Iron Fence vs Chain Link Fences

In fencing, one of the most durable materials used is wrought iron.  Chain link fences are also a favorite among our clients.  These two types of fencing materials stand out in different circumstances.  Each can be used best depending on the fencing needs of a client.

Wrought iron fencing can provide your property with more security because it is one of the most long-lasting fencing materials.  It can also be customized to be more aesthetic than chain link fencing.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair Services

Even though a fence made with wrought iron can be one of the sturdiest and most versatile, it can rust and weaken from being exposed to weather variations.  Your wrought iron fence can need repairs from damages.

We tackle every needed repair for your fencing’s integrity. You can check our link fences gallery to view some of the repairs we have successfully done to restore the wrought iron fences of our clients.

We Install a Gate/Gates for a Wrought Iron Fence

Denham Wrought Iron Fences- Big Easy FenceFor every custom wrought iron fence, we can also install a wrought iron gate.

Our fencing service includes a gate installation service so that you get a complete fence that will provide you with the security and protection that you need for your family, pets, and property.

You can choose from our gallery of designs for gates that can be installed for a wrought iron fence.

We do updates for gates as well like a wireless gate bell, a magnetic latch, a self-closing hinge, and many others.

With Big Easy Fence, you get the best quality gates for a wrought iron fence in Denham Springs.

Benefits Of A  Wrought Iron Fence In Denham Springs

Enjoy these benefits of having a wrought iron fence installed in your property by Big Easy Fence:

1.  You can get genuine custom craftsmanship that differentiates you from all the rest.

2.  It can hold up harsh weathering with its designed long-term, high-end architecture.

3.  It can be used to restore a fence from the Victorian era.

4.  The best choice for a decorative fence is because it can be handcrafted and designed to your liking.

Experience Outstanding Customer Service With Us Today

We take pride in our great team who are experienced, skilled, talented, and creative in crafting and installing wrought iron fences.  Most importantly, they are friendly and professional.  This is why we have been a trusted fencing company with outstanding customer service in Louisiana and other neighboring States.

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