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Sorrento Fences- Protect Landscaping & Add Security to Your Home

In Sorrento, a town in Louisana with a population of just over 1,000 people, the fences tell a story.

They are weathered and old, covered in vines and moss. Many of them have been standing since before the Civil War.

Fences are an important part of any home. Not only do they provide privacy and security, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of your property.

There are plenty of Sorrento fence companies in the town like Big Easy Fence that can help you find the perfect fence for your home.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden fence or you need help in installing custom wood fences, we have you covered!

Types Of Fences

Metal Fences Picture There are a variety of fences to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common type of fence is wood fencing. It’s affordable, easy to install, and comes in a variety of styles. However, it requires regular maintenance in order to stay looking good and function properly.

Another popular option from a residential fence company in Sorrento is the chain link fence. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and relatively affordable. But it can also be quite unsightly, especially if it’s not well-maintained.

Metal fences are another option, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re often more expensive than other types of fences, but they’re also very durable and long-lasting.

One type of fence that’s becoming increasingly popular is the vinyl fence. It looks like wood, but it doesn’t require any maintenance and is less susceptible to damage from the elements.

Vinyl fences can be customized with various colors and styles of pickets. There are also decorative aluminum fences.

Materials Used To Make Fences

There are many types of materials that can be used to make fences. Some of the more popular materials include wood, metal, and vinyl. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Wood is a popular choice for fences because it is strong and durable. However, it can also be susceptible to rot and insects.


Metal is a good choice for fencing because it is strong and does not rust. However, it can be expensive and difficult to install.


Vinyl is a good choice for fencing because it is affordable and easy to maintain. However, vinyl may not be as strong as other materials.

Installing fences with different materials requires some time and effort. Before building the fence, you will need to choose a location that is flat and even. You may also want to dig holes for the fence posts.

After that, all you have to do is build your fence according to the plans you have chosen.

Choosing The Right Fence For You

There are many types of fences in the world, like a wood fence or aluminum fence, but not all of them will work for you. Choosing the right one is important if you want to get what you need and don’t wind up wasting your money on something that just doesn’t fit.

There are some things to think about when choosing a fence in Sorrento, so let’s take a look at some of these points before making your final decision.

The Main Point in Choosing a Fence

Metal Fence

First and foremost, you need to decide what type of fence will work best in your area. There are many types of fences available, and they all have their pros and cons.

Picket: A traditional fence with vertical boards is known as a picket style. This is a good fence for people who require a bit more privacy without too much obstruction.

Picket fences are also good for people who have children or pets because they tend to be quite sturdy and will not move if bumped into.

Gates: Fences with gates are also another great option when you’re looking for something to enclose your yard.

Gates allow you to get in and out of the fence without too much trouble, which is important if you have family members or pets that may need to go in or out often. Gates can also add a nice touch to your fence and make it look much more appealing.

Railing: If you want something that allows for a bit more privacy, but still has openings big enough for people and pets to pass through, railings are another good choice.

Railings usually consist of horizontal or vertical boards with spaces in between that provide a good view of the outside while keeping an eye on things inside.

No matter what type of fence you choose, there are some things you can do to improve its quality and appearance.

Fortify and Beautify Your Home In Sorrento With Our Fence Services

Fences not only provide a boundary for your property, but they also add beauty and value. A well-maintained fence can be the finishing touch to your home’s exterior and increase curb appeal.

If you are in the market for a new fence or need a fence installed on an existing fence, we, Big Easy Fence, can help.

As fence contractors, we offer the top industrial, commercial & residential services and fence supply sales to contractors in Sorrento, LA.

We carry quality products for a fair price. We have a large selection of fence materials and whether it’s wood, iron, or chain-link. We got it!

Contact us today if you want to know more about our services!


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