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wrought iron fence white A beautiful and classic way to add security to your property is by installing a wrought iron fence. Our expert craftsmen have designed and installed wrought iron fences over the years that have adorned residential and commercial properties.

Big Easy Fence have been serving southern Louisiana clients with quality wrought iron fence installation according to our clients preferred style and specifics. Our specialty includes bespoke wrought iron fencing design and installation.

Our service is focused on your needs and providing quality results and customer relations that are the best in the industry. We are a family-owned locally established fencing contractor who understands your fencing needs and is dedicated to providing fencing solutions for you with wrought iron.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Wrought Iron Fence Installed?

A wrought iron fence can be more expensive than other fence materials because of its exceeding durability and profound design. How much you would spend on a wrought iron fence would depend on:

  • The local price of the material
  • Tools
  • Labor
  • The area that needs to be covered with a fence
  • Size of the fence
  • Color

wrought iron fence close up You can expect to spend an average of $2,700 to $3,552, the national average cost of a wrought iron fence installation. If you need a more intricate design and decorative additions, the cost could go higher.

We offer wrought iron fencing and other fence services in Walker that are competitively priced. We cover residential and commercial wrought iron fencing needs with a guarantee that you will have a fence that will last for years to come.

The wrought iron fences we install are easy to maintain and will give the best ROI. You can choose your own design or get inspiration from our gallery of past wrought iron fences we proudly installed for our satisfied clients.

We will be happy to talk with you about your options for your fencing needs and help you choose the best style and color that will match the overall design of your property and landscape.

How Long Does it Take to Install Wrought Iron Fence?

A wrought iron fence is a durable and beautiful addition to your property. Although they can be one of the most expensive options, you are assured of their ability to stand the test of time. On average, it can take up to 5 days to install a wrought iron fence because the process is more labor-intensive.

How Long Will a Wrought Iron Fence Last?

With the proper installation and maintenance, you can be assured that your wrought iron fence can last for more than 50 years.

To make a wrought iron fence last a lifetime, you can do the following maintenance procedures:

  1. Regular cleaning
    Cleaning your wrought iron fence regularly will prevent many short-term rotting issues. If you don’t have time to do regular cleaning, our wrought iron fencing services include maintenance and repairs.
    We can keep your fence clean by removing caked-on debris to prevent further damage and more costly problems.
  2. Regular inspection
    Performing regular inspections can keep problems with your fence at bay. With our fence maintenance services, we check worn paintings or signs of unwanted cracking. We will advise if you will need fence replacement in the presence of multiple issues. However, we will do the best we can to maintain your fence to prevent extensive replacements.
  3. Promptly remove rust
    We make sure that your wrought iron fence will be consistently free from rust. We simply use sandpaper or a standard wire brush to remove rust. We also use a protective anti-rust spray to coat areas of your fence to prevent rust from building up.

The Benefits Of Having A Wrought Iron Fence

Enjoy these benefits of having a wrought iron fence installed on your property by Big Easy Fence: wrought iron fence in a stone

  1. You can get genuine custom craftsmanship that differentiates you from all the rest.
  2. It can hold up harsh weathering with its designed long-term, high-end architecture.
  3. It can be used to restore a fence from the Victorian era.
  4. The best choice for a decorative fence is because it can be handcrafted and designed to your liking.

Get the best quality wrought iron fence for your property from Big Easy Fence. We are a trusted fencing contractor in Louisiana that offers professional wrought iron fencing services with outstanding customer service.

Are Wrought Iron Fences Worth It?

The initial cost of installing a wrought iron fence for your home can be more costly compared to other fencing materials. However, it can be the most cost-effective in the long run. You can get the best ROI with a wrought iron fence. This makes the initial cost of a wrought iron fence much more reasonable.

Here are reasons why a wrought iron fence is worth it to invest on:

  1. Nearly unlimited design options
    The choices for wrought iron fence styles and patterns are unlimited. From a simple picket fence to a more complicated hairpin style and additional ornamental designs, we can create the design for you.
  2. Low maintenance
    A wrought iron fence does not need painting or staining. The powder coat we apply on a wrought fence will not chip or peel for many years. We provide maintenance services to keep your fence in top shape.
  3. Durability
    You will not have to worry about your fence when there is harsh weather or from sudden impact. They are the strongest fencing materials. Likewise, its strength makes it the best fence material for restraining animals.

Get a quality wrought iron fence to secure your home. We offer custom wrought iron fence installation and other fencing services like repairs and maintenance to keep your property secure.

Reliable Wrought Iron Fencing Services Serving Southern Louisiana

We take pride in the expertise, talent, and creativity of our craftsmen who have been designing wrought iron fences for years. Our wrought iron fence installation team can efficiently and securely install wrought iron fences according to industry standards that will assure you of a durable and attractive fence.

Contact us today and we will guide you through our wrought iron fence installation process. Experience great transformation of your property with the best wrought iron fence in Walker.

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