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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Wood Fence in New Orleans

Wood is a favorite material for a fence because of its traditional and natural beauty, versatility, and economy.

Aside from adding value to your property, a wooden fence provides privacy and security so long as it is maintained properly.

The only downside for wooden fences is that they require the most maintenance because the material is susceptible to rot, warping, cracking, and insect damage.

This compromises the lifespan of any wooden fence. How long do wood fences last in New Orleans amidst exposure to extreme temperatures and other elements that will cause deterioration and damage?

New Orleans Wood Fence Life Expectancy

There are a variety of fence styles and types in New Orleans’ neighborhoods. One of the most popular is the wood picket fence, with either a pointed or Gothic style top often found in front yards.

The average life of a wooden fence in New Orleans is 15 years but with a quality installation with quality materials and regular maintenance, it can last up to 20 years or even more.

Ensuring the Longevity of Your New Orleans Wooden Fence


Proper Installation

Once you settle with the type of wood that you will use to build your fence, you should have them properly installed to prevent future problems that will curtail the life of your fence.

  • Fence posts should be pressure-treated because they are in constant contact with the ground and are exposed to moisture and insects. Pressure-treating the wood will incorporate chemicals that make your posts resistant to water and bugs, preventing them from damaging the wood.
  • Seal any saw cuts made to pressure-treated lumber with additional liquid wood preservative. Maintain a distance between your wooden fence posts no more than 7’ to keep them from sagging.
  • When you are installing a gate with your fence, consider using long posts on either side of the gate and adding a cross brace at the top to prevent your post from sagging due to the weight of the gate.
  • Build a strong post because if your wooden post rots and fails, the whole fence fails.

wood fence installation - Big easy fences A little gravel in the bottom of the holes where you will install your wooden fence posts will improve drainage and protect the bottom of your post from rotting.

You can then pour concrete over it up to two inches above the level of the ground to keep your wooden posts from coming in contact with the soil.

Use stainless steel fencing screws instead of nails. They are more expensive but are rust-resistant and will not fail because of the wood stain.


Painting will trap moisture over time and will encourage rotting. Staining, on the other hand, will make your fence last significantly longer while bringing out the natural color and grain of the wood.

It will seal and protect your wooden fence from moisture and sunlight.

Follow these tips:

  • Stain the framing, notches, or cuts, and the fence boards.
  • Use a deck stain with a high concentration of paraffin (wax) in addition to pigments, such as Super Deck.
  • Stain the framing with a foam roller before the fence boards are installed to make sure that all surfaces are coated.
  • Dip the bottom of each fence board in stain before installing it.
  • Re-stain your wooden fence every three to five years for optimal protection, beauty, and life expectancy. Use a stain or sealant with a UV inhibitor to help keep the wood from turning gray.

Clean your wooden fence every 2-3 years


Wood Fence from home - Bige asy fences Make sure to clean your wooden fence every 2-3 years to avoid dirt, moss, mildew, and graying. Scare off any moss growth or peeling paint.

Use a mix of 20% bleach and 80% mild detergent and spray it on your wooden fence before washing it. This will help prevent the growth of mold spores.

Here are more ways on how to protect your wooden fences.


Make Your New Orleans Wooden Fence Last More Than 20 Years!

Maintaining a wooden fence can be most rewarding as it enhances the curb appeal of your home or property.

You can keep your New Orleans wooden fence looking great and extend its life expectancy by properly installing it and regularly staining with high-quality stains, along with regular cleaning and inspection. Now, you can enjoy a wooden fence in New Orleans for more than just a decade or two.

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