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What are Different Durable Fences Available

Not all fences are the same. The used for durable fences could be the same across many homeowners for safety and aesthetic purposes but there are various different types of fences to choose from.

For different fences, you should also consider various elements such as installation costs, type of material and level of maintenance.

The type of fence that you will ultimately choose will play an important room in the external look of your home. Not only in look, but a fence will be beneficial for security purposes as well.

6 Different Types of Fences Available

  1. Aluminum Fence

    A closeup shot of a black aluminum fence - Big Easy Fence

    An aluminum fence is one of the most common and popular fences available. For aluminum fences, it may not be the most durable fence but a fence that is relatively easy to maintain.

    The only time you fiddle with the fence is during the installation process where you take the time to choose the color and decoration of the fence.

  2. Wood Fence

    When you think of a fence, a wood fence is a popular image. The wood fence is popular among many homeowners as an affordable privacy fence. The wood fence gives the homeowner a sense of privacy due to its height.

    Wood fences exude a feeling of warmth and country living while being budget-friendly.

    The cost of this fence can come from the size and height so make sure you know what you want. The amount and type of lumber will also contribute to the overall cost if you want a fence on one side or a fence that surrounds your property.

  3. PVC Fence

    A PVC fence is part of the most durable fence material and cheap as well. The PVC fence provides many options for the homeowner to choose its color and height. PVC fences are usually inserted on top of wood fences as added protection and durability.

  4. Wrought Iron Fence Wrought iron fence - Big Easy Fence

    A fence that is both intricate and durable is a wrought iron fence. However, they can have the reputation of being high maintenance but you can take the necessary steps so that they require little maintenance in the future by applying coatings such as rust-resistant. They need to be sanded and repainted every 2-3 years.

    Wrought iron fences can be quite expensive depending on the level of customization the homeowner wants so be prepared to have a budget ready for the design, thickness, and height you want.

  5. Vinyl Fence

    When it comes to affordable fence options, the vinyl fence is the one that reigns. Vinyl fences also are quite durable compared to other fences so you can hit two birds with one stone with this type of fence. Vinyl fences are low maintenance and resist paint so they are easy to clean. Also, there are many vinyl fence colors to choose from that will add style to your property.

  6. Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fences are normally seen on school grounds or parks. If you want a fence for privacy purposes, the chain link fence is not the one however, if you look for fences that are cheap and durable, this is the fence for you. They need little maintenance as well.

    If this fence is what you want but want the added privacy, you can always plant trees, shrubs, or vines along the fence.

What Type of Fence is Suitable to Your Needs: Things to Consider

  1. PrivacyA Chain Link Fence - Big Easy Fence

    If you want a fence for ultimate privacy, choose the most durable privacy fence that does not have any holes or gaps. A wood or vinyl fence is a good option for privacy but make sure that during the installation process you install them with no gaps between boards.

    If you don’t mind having full privacy, wrought iron fences or chain link fences are good options too.

  2. Security

    If you want a fence to feel secure, choose one that is the most durable. Have a fence that can be tall enough and thick enough but make sure that you abide by local HOA or local community rules and regulations first before building.

    Make sure that it is difficult to climb and add a few sharp trellises on top for good measure.

  3. Pet Friendly

    Pets are curious and freedom loving creatures. A fence that is 3-4 ft tall is adequate enough for small to medium dogs. Chain link fences or wood fences with gaps in the middle provide dogs a view of the outside to look out for outsiders.

    If your dogs, cats or other pets are good diggers, make sure that your fence is anchored deep enough on the ground so that they won’t have any room to escape. If your pet grows quickly, have a fence that is tall.

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  4. Kid Safe

    If you have children, a fence should be that pillar of support you can rely on to keep them safe. If you live in rural places, have a fence that is durable enough to keep any animals out and your kids in.

    Animals are quite strong so make sure that your fence is good enough to deter them, animals can be bears, coyotes, deers, and others.

    Not only safety for kids from the outside elements but fences should keep kids safe inside such pool fences so little kids won’t drown or fall in.

8 Tips for Choosing a Fence that You Need

  1. Consider how high you want your fence to be and the materials that can be used for it.
  2. Compare prices between companies before making a final decision on which company to choose.
  3. Ask if there are any warranties or guarantees offered by the company you’re considering using and if so, find out what they cover.
  4. Get at least three quotes from different companies before making a decision on who to use.
  5. Check local building codes and rules before installing a fence.
  6. Consider the level of maintenance the fence will require from you in the future.
  7. Choose the right fence contractor that is credible. They should have professionals and durable materials available.
  8. Ensure that you have the correct property line to put your fence in.

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