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Five Incredible Ways to Clean Aluminum Fences

Aluminum remains the top choice for the material and style of fence trending the most these days.  Although each fencing material has its advantages and disadvantages, the popularity of aluminum fencing comes from its qualities that render more pros than cons. 

One of its most significant advantages over other fence materials is that it’s easy to clean aluminum fences.  Maintenance is such a breeze for this fence material.

The main reason for the convenience in cleaning aluminum fences is because of its excellent corrosion resistance and durability, along with other outstanding qualities like being lightweight compared to other metals and easily machined and cast. 

Aluminum fence manufacturers often give a lifetime warranty because of its long-lasting durability. 

However, with this warranty,  it is the responsibility of its owner to maintain the aluminum fence to keep it clean and spotless.

Like all metals and other fence materials, aluminum fences get dingy over time with exposure to the elements.

How to Clean Aluminum Fences

Aluminum is a metal that is chosen for its low-maintenance quality, durability, and lustrous appearance.  But beautiful, shiny aluminum comes with the challenge of keeping it that way. 

An outdoor environment where an aluminum fence is exposed will corrode the metal.  Dirt that contains fertilizer, lawn treatment chemicals, or grass clippings, can also make your aluminum fence look unattractive.  They can fade or stain the paint on your aluminum fence.  

 Keep the shiny exterior of your aluminum fence with a bit of elbow grease in cleaning with these steps:

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  •  Wipe the surface of your aluminum fence with a damp cloth


The damp cloth will remove dirt and debris that have dried up like insect and bird droppings. 

The moisture from your wet cloth will soften and loosen the debris and remove other top layers of dirt on the surface.  You might want to soak the rag in warm water because heat helps to remove the attached debris.


  • Use a solution of liquid dish soap and a little vinegar in cleaning


Unwanted marks, stubborn, hardened dirt, spots, and other stains that were not removed during the initial wipe-down can be cleaned with a solution of liquid dish soap, warm water, and a little vinegar. 

This solution also works well with aluminum oxidation on your fence.  Use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or a bristle brush and wipe or brush the remaining stains away.

There are also basic stain cleaners that you can use like Simple Green, a simple degreaser, and should be rinsed after applying. 

For hard water stains, you can use CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust cleaner), which should also be rinsed after applying.


  •  Hose down the cleaner


Remove the soapiness with all the dirt by hosing down or pouring mugs of water over the surface of your aluminum fence.  Do not use a power washer to hose down because this can damage metal fencing.  

If your aluminum fence covers a large area and it is impossible to wipe it all dry, rinse the soap and dirt from top to bottom so you will not have dirt streaks when the water dries on the surface. 

Ensure you rinse off thoroughly because dried dish soap on the surface of your aluminum fence may damage it.


  •  Wipe dry with a clean towel


For a lustrous finish, wipe your aluminum fence dry with a clean towel.  The shine and smoothness will help avoid dirt and dust from clinging to it and keep watermarks from forming.


  •  Apply automotive wax


If you have the luxury of time and your fence doesn’t cover a large area, you may want to coat it with automotive wax after cleaning to prevent oxidation

This application is very beneficial for aluminum fences, deck railings, and aluminum balusters.

Apply these aluminum cleaning steps on aluminum decking, aluminum deck railings, and aluminum balusters to keep them sparkling clean and looking new.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Aluminum Fence

As with other cleaning scenarios, not all cleaners are suitable for cleaning your aluminum fence. 

Here is a list of what you should avoid using when you clean your aluminum fence for a sparkling finish:

  • Any bleach-like household cleaner that could fade or damage the paint
  • Cleaners with solvents, acids, or other harsh chemicals
  • Steel wool or abrasive materials that will damage the paint and cause discoloration

Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminum Fence

Fence Maintenance - Big easy Fence

The lifespan of your aluminum fence can be maximized when you address other important areas and issues to maintain its functionality.  

Proper maintenance of aluminum fences will save you from unwanted aluminum fence restoration. 

Maintaining the integrity of your aluminum fence includes:

  • Regular cleaning – once a year in a normal environment but more often for aluminum railings or fences located near the ocean, a pool, or a spa where salt water and pool chemicals can cause corrosion
  • Regular inspections – check for potential damages like dirty fasteners and hinges, broken rails, loose posts, uneven fencing and gates, and broken hardware so you can save from expensive repairs in the future.
  • Touch-up discoloration – use matching spray paint, touch-up paint, or exterior paint made for aluminum products
  • Keep the aluminum gates functional and secure – check for alignment, adjustment, and leveling; oil the hinges and tighten any loose screws; best done every Spring.
  • Avoid damages – do not leave the gate open, hand weed, or use a handheld weeder when weeding near the fence, and do not stack or mount objects or materials near your fence.

A Spotless and Clean Aluminum Fence

Whether you have a black or white aluminum fence or an aluminum slat fencing with an aluminum fence gate or an aluminum driveway gate, these aluminum cleaning tips will save you from an unattractive aluminum fence.

Proper and regular cleaning is vital to maintain the glorious finish of your aluminum fence and to keep your money’s worth on spending for it.

Are you already planning to have Aluminum Fences? Don’t forget to read these Incredible Ways To Clean Aluminum Fences. Visit Big Easy Fence today!

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