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How High Should Your Patio Cover Be? Tips From the Pros

Having a patio is not enough for an outdoor area. You would need to add a patio cover to bring your outdoor living experience in a full circle.

A patio cover makes your outdoor area more inviting.

There is a lot to consider about building a patio cover.

How high should a patio cover be?

How tall can you make your patio cover?

Will it be okay to make it low? What materials should I use for my patio cover?

Should it be attached or free-standing?

The amount of shade and protection you need from the weather can also help you decide on how high or low you want the patio cover to be.

A patio cover can be attached to the house with two posts supporting the free part of the patio cover.

If it would not be attached to the house, there would be four posts, similar to a pergola.

Most common patios are attached to the house so it means that the cover would be attached as well.

There are many ways to build a patio cover because homeowners have different situations.

To help you make the best decision, you can consider factors for building a patio cover. We’ll go over them one by one.

How tall should a patio cover be - Big Easy Fence

Where Should You Place your Patio Cover?

Given the name, the first place you should place your patio cover would be over your patio.

Most patios are attached to the back part of houses so it would make sense to attach the patio cover to the house.

Patio covers can also be put over outdoor spaces like kitchens, lounge areas, and dining areas.

You can also decide on the location based on local regulations and homeowners’ association rules.

A lot of places have set regulations about where an outdoor structure, both detached and attached, should be placed.

HOAs can also have guidelines about design, materials, and height of outdoor structures.

If you are unsure about these things, you can consult with professional installers like Big Easy Fence.

According to the Landscaping Network, choosing the location of your patio cover can also depend on the “the position of the sun at sunset and sunrise before determining where to build your pergola.

The angle of the sunlight will determine how much shade is produced.

Your patio cover can also double as shade for some parts of your house.

If sunlight directly hits some room of your house, your patio cover can act as a shield for these parts.

How Tall Should a Patio Cover Be?

Answering the questions, “how high?” or “how big?” will be based on the existing structures you have.

You cannot go too high or too big without considering the dimensions of nearby structures.

If you go too high or too big with your patio cover, you will get less protection for the sun and the weather.

If you go low or too small, you can run out of space and your outdoor area will feel too cramped.

If your patio has dining, lounge, kitchen, or other patio furniture, you can also make sure the patio cover posts are spaced wide enough.

If you have 10′ by 10′ patio cover, it can give you enough floor space to fit a table and two chairs but it will not fit an outdoor kitchen set up.

The height of your patio cover can be between eight to twelve feet tall. The minimum height should be eight feet tall to give enough head room.

You can also decide on what gatherings you will have on your patio covers. A lower ceiling will be great for small, intimate events.

If you want to add ceiling lightings, a higher patio cover will work best for you.

Is A Covered Patio Worth It?

Should a patio cover be supposed to be high or low - Big Easy Fence You might be thinking: “Do I really need a cover for my patio?

Truth be told, not all home improvement projects would be worth it in the end or would give you the best return in investment.

Patio covers on the other hand, will add value to your property. It will also improve other areas of your property like your outdoor area.

Here are other reasons why you should consider having a patio cover.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture and Fixtures

Manufacturers will tell you that outdoor or patio furniture are made to last.

Even though it is meant for outdoor use, it is constantly exposed to harsh weather changes that can wear it out.

A patio cover can help these furniture last longer, so you would not need to replace them more often.

Saves You From Costly Patio Repairs

The patio itself is prone to damages that would later warrant repairs. Patio repairs can cost around one thousand to five thousand dollars, depending on how serious the damages are.

A patio cover can help minimize the repairs that your patio would need in the future.

It can cover the patio and shield it from rain, snow, and other debris that can affect it. It can also lessen the heat and sun that come in direct contact with the patio.

No damage can be totally avoided but a patio cover will help your patio last longer.

Increased Property Value

A patio is one of the most in-demand features that many homeowners look for in a house.

You can increase your house’s selling point especially if you choose to sell your property later on.

Better Aesthetics For Your Home and Property

A covered patio will be a great focal point for any outdoor area. It can add elegance to outdoor areas while making sure that it complements your current property design.

Work With Professional Patio Cover Installers In Big Easy Fence

If you are working on how you can get the perfect patio cover, getting experts on the job can help you achieve your goals. Here at Big Easy Fence in New Orleans, LA, we can offer professional advice and expert workmanship for your patio covers that will last for years. Contact us today!

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