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6 Reasons Why Wood Fence Installation May Be Right for Your Home

The first thing that anyone can notice in every house property is its fence.

This upright barrier or railing surrounding and enclosing your property is what gives the first impression to any visitor you will invite and even to any person just passing by.

So with this premise alone, you as a homeowner would want the best kind of fence installation in your house.

Common Fence Materials for Home

Aluminum, concrete, iron, vinyl, and wood are just some of the fence installations that are available in the housing and property market. And since how this structure alone can make or unmake the overall look of your property, somehow, it can be a little burdening of a task.

There are too many considerations to think about especially in terms of the pricing and type of material to use.

But when this task seems rough and uphill, perhaps going back to the classic choice is the best option.

There may be a lot of materials to choose from but there is probably nothing as time-tested as that of a wood fence installation.

So why exactly should you, as a homeowner, choose a wood fence? Let’s find out.

1. Cheap Wood Fence Installation Cost

A primary factor in choosing the type of material for fence installation is the cost, other than the design.

The different fence materials from vinyl, wire, iron, to wood, have varying costs.

Vinyl may be more expensive than others, while wire might be cheaper.

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For the best value coinciding with the best quality, a wooden fence might be a top choice. A typical wooden fence installation may cost at least $3,000 and can go up to $8,000.

In most states in the United States, the average cost of a wooden fence is around $4,000. While each linear foot of a wooden fence may cost around $15 – $30.

Wooden Fence Costs- Bigeasyfences.com

The costs will depend on the type of wood to be chosen, including its design and dimensions.

Likewise, the installation costs will also include labor costs that will be priced by the contractor of your choice.

Home developers often suggest homeowners get local contractors for the best overall price. For the best value of your money, if you live in New Orleans, you may tap our services at Big Easy Fence.

2. A Wooden Fence is Classic Yet Elegant

Wood arguably remains the top choice material for fence installation anywhere in the United States.

This is despite the fact that it is one of the oldest fence materials that have been used decades and even centuries ago.

Some may say that it is too traditional and outdated, but that is not the general consensus at all. Most Americans in every state would still pick this material for its classic beauty.

Besides, its elegance is not restricted to just a single choice, unlike other fence materials. For wooden fences alone, you get a lot of wood types.

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Cypress

In choosing the wooden fence for your property, you should consider the topography or climate in your areas.

This is because some types of wood may be more suitable for extreme weather disturbances than others.

If you want a natural look for your fence to complement your house and garden aesthetics, there is truly no better option than the wood itself.

3. Wooden Fences is Easy to Maintain

Not everyone has the leisure or luxury of time and money to maintain every inch or part of his or her own. That is why homeowners always consider house materials that are easy to maintain.

Wooden Fence maintenance-Bigeasyfences.comWood is a material that is relatively very easy to maintain in the sense that it won’t require frequent cleaning, painting, or staining.

According to experts, wooden fences won’t require any repainting or staining for as long as three years.

So rest assured that you don’t have to splurge recurring amounts just to bring back the material’s original color.

Furthermore, since wood is naturally darkish in color, dirt won’t easily accumulate and be seen on its structure. So frequent cleaning won’t be necessary.

But of course, no one will stop you from doing so since frequent cleaning may also prevent rotting.

4. Wooden Fences Last Long

A wooden fence is not only easy to maintain, but more importantly, it can last a very long time.

A typical wooden fence can last for at least 12 years. During this time, decay, rot, and insect damage will not be a major problem as these wood materials whether pine, redwood, or cedar are treated to be resistant to these elements.

And with proper maintenance, the lifespan of your wooden fence can even reach a staggering 15-20 years.

Rotting and infestation were both a problem for wood materials some decades ago.

But throughout the advancement of technology, these problems were eradicated. As of now, most wooden pieces and lumbers in the market undergo some surface treatment that will ensure high resistance to rot.

5. Wood is a Reliable Security Fence

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, security and privacy are the main reasons why homeowners want to install fences.

We all want to enjoy our personal activities without interruption from some privy eyes of strangers or neighbors.

Since wood is a fully opaque material that comes in various sizes and thickness, it is perfect for fence installation. This is in contrast with what wire fences provide wherein outsiders can see what’s inside the enclosure.

Likewise, a wooden fence is also a perfect choice to secure your property because of its sturdiness and hardness.

It can’t be easily destroyed or jumped over by animals and other unwanted elements that might endanger the property.

6. Increases Value of Home or Property

All types of fence installation may increase the value of any property.

However, wooden fence installation may provide the best shot in increasing the house value significantly.

This is connected to wood’s aesthetic appeal that complements the landscape and overall look of the entire property.

Other fence materials may not be as pleasing to the eyes aesthetically when compared to wood. With wood, you can have a lot of design options of varying heights and thickness.

Make sure to maintain your wood fence by preventing it from rotting.

Wood Fence is the Way To Go

Every homeowner deserves the best quality of material installations on his or her own property.

So before making any action especially those that will involve high costs, researching and talking to the right people are of utmost importance.

But in terms of fence installations, rest assured that wood will always be one of the top choices a homeowner can make to beautify her property.

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