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5 Signs that It’s Time for a Fence Repair

Good fences make good neighbors is something that we would often hear when talking about fences. But something we should really talk more about is how good fences also make great investment.

When your property has an aesthetically pleasing fence curb, it significantly adds to your home’s overall value.

But it does the opposite when your fence is all wobbly, tattered, and dirty. At this point, your property is already screaming the need for a fence repair. And if this idea has crossed your mind, well, it is probably high time to fix those fence problems before they get worse.

Achieving that Good As New Fence

Fence Maintenance

Fence maintenance is what gardeners and landscapers would always suggest to every homeowner. That through thoroughly maintaining your perimeter fence, you are assured to have years or even a decade before getting it fixed or changed.

But what if this wasn’t the case? Is fence maintenance just a marketing ploy?

First of all, maintenance is what every normal and rational person does to the things she or he owns. When you own a car or any gadget, the most basic thing to do is take good care of it with specific steps and measures. The same principle applies to property fixtures like fences.

Sometimes, there are just instances wherein fence installation’s overall quality easily degrades no matter how hard you try to save it. These factors often include weather disturbances such as hurricanes or extreme weather.

But these are rather rare happenings. In most cases, fence maintenance remains very important and effective in prolonging the lifespan of the installation and keeping repair service at bay.

But what if you reach a point wherein a repair privacy fence is needed? What are the early signs that will tell you it is time for a fence repair?

What are the Most Obvious Signs Telling You that a Fence Repair is in Order?

1. Discoloration and Worsening Dirt

Discoloration of fence

The earliest and probably the most obvious sign that a repair is in order is the discoloration of fence boards and surfaces. This can be observed in almost every type of fence material be it a wooden fence, vinyl fence, concrete fence, or even chain-link fence.

Discoloration of fence surfaces comes from various reasons and factors. First, this may be due to the peeling of paint. Great quality fence paint may last more than five years.

But after this, it may start to peel and lose its bright or sharp colors. Once this happens, it will not be a pleasant sight if you don’t attend to it right away.

On the other hand, if you have a steel or chain-link fence, discoloration may happen due to rusting. If you live in an area wherein there is always extreme weather such as heavy rainfall, chances are your metal fence is susceptible to rusting.

Generally, discoloration happens when there is dirt accumulation on the surface of the fence. This will be more evident if your fence has bright colors. If this happens, algae, stains, and molds may start to develop. Before it gets worse, you might need to call for a service repair.

2. Warped and Unstable Posts or Foundation

Like every home or property installation, fences need posts and foundations.

These serve as the main structure that supports the entirety of the fence. So when there is a problem with the post, the entire fence installation may be affected.

Unstable posts and crumbling of foundation can be observed in all fence materials be it a wooden fence or concrete fence.

The most common causes why this happen include weather disturbances such as strong wind and pooling water around the base of the posts. Once this starts to happen, the posts will gradually lean and bend towards a side.

If you start to see the posts leaning, you need to fix the posts right away before the entire fence installation crumbles down. You may do this by reinforcing the base or by inserting brackets. If you are unsure of what to do, you may tap the expertise of fence companies.

3. Broken and Decaying Boards

Broken board of fence

One of the most obvious signs that your fence may already need repair is a broken board. A broken board may or may not be only seen upon close inspection. But if the broken board can be easily noticed even when you are meters away, that is a problem that needs immediate attention.

For wooden and vinyl fences, signs of a broken board include holes, cracks, dents, and decay. These things are only normal as your wooden fence installation ages.

But of course, it would be better if you can detect its earliest sign or appearance so you can save time and money for your fence and prevent it from getting worse. If you make it a habit to inspect the fence from time to time, you can easily spot these holes and cracks.

Once you detect it at the earliest sign, it will be just an easy fix for the fence. You can even do it yourself.

But if you don’t have the proper tools or confidence to pull it off, you may contact your local fence repairman.

4. Pest Damage

Insects and pests are common enemies of fence materials, especially wood.

If you can observe molds, moisture damage, and a swollen-like appearance on the boards, you are in bad luck because insects may have invaded your fence.

It’s even worse if you can outright see the insects crawling around on the surface.

Once insect or pest infestation starts, it will spread out fast to the entire structure. When this happens, fence repair may not be sufficient. There might be a need to install a completely new one.

5. Noisy and Loose Hinges

Loose hinges

Hinges are not only used in metal or steel fences and gates but also in other fence material installations. These materials are very useful in linking or connecting different parts of the fence.

And since hinges are made up of mostly metal, proper and sufficient greasing is very significant from time to time. Assuming you failed to do this, you will notice and hear the irritating sound of a loose hinge when you swing open the opening of your gate or fence.

It is very important to fix this problem at once because unwanted elements may exploit this opportunity to trespass on your property.

Where Can You Get a Fence Repair to Have a Good as New Fence?

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