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Choosing the Right Material for Your Commercial Patio Cover: A Comparison Guide

Choosing the Right Material for Your Commercial Patio Cover: A Comparison Guide is a crucial step in your business journey.

In fact, when it’s time to upgrade or install new patio covers, most business owners’ #1 challenge is…

Selecting the right material for their commercial patio cover.

They are often overwhelmed by choices and lack knowledge about what separates one material from another. But understanding this distinction can significantly impact not just aesthetics but also maintenance costs and durability – vital factors that influence your bottom line as a business owner.

Aluminum vs. Wood Patio Covers

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living space in New Orleans, patio covers are a must.

How to decide which material is best for your patio cover?

Aluminum patio covers, for instance, offer durability and weather protection against harsh weather conditions like UV rays and rain, making them an ideal choice for busy business owners.

In contrast, wood patio covers

Though they may need more upkeep than their aluminum counterparts, both options provide shade that can make the difference between a sweltering or comfortable afternoon on the terrace.

So whether it’s about blocking sunlight or creating an inviting ambiance for patrons – choosing the right material matters.

Now let’s dive into another typical patio cover material comparison: vinyl versus steel.

Vinyl vs. Steel Patio Covers

When planning your patio cover project, material choice is key.

Vinyl and steel are popular options, each with its own merits.

Vinyl patio covers offer a modern look for your outdoor space. They’re lightweight yet durable, able to withstand weather conditions in New Orleans without fading or cracking. Their flexibility provides excellent UV rays protection too.

In contrast, steel patio covers, often used in commercial settings due to their strength and durability against the toughest weather elements.

Made from galvanized steel, they provide shade while being resistant to rust and corrosion – ideal for those humid New Orleans summers.

Cost Considerations

When embarking on a patio cover project, it’s crucial to consider the cost of different patio materials.

Aluminum patio covers, for instance, are typically more affordable than their wood counterparts.

This is due in part to aluminum being lightweight and easier to install – reducing labor costs significantly.

Installing an aluminum awning can range from $700-$1,000.

In contrast, wooden patios made with solid covers, such as cedar or redwood may be pricier due to material and installation expenses.

Now let’s talk about vinyl vs steel.

Maintenance Requirements

Covington Fence RepairWhen it comes to patio cover materials, maintenance is a key consideration.

Wood patio covers, for instance, require regular sealing and staining to protect against weather elements.

This upkeep can be a hassle and pricey in the long haul.

In contrast, aluminum patio covers are virtually maintenance-free; they resist rusting and fading due to UV rays exposure.

Vinyl patio covers also offer low-maintenance appeal with their resistance to rotting or peeling but may discolor under extreme sun exposure.

Solid Patio Covers vs Retractable Awnings: Maintenance Differences?

The typical solid patio cover material, like metal or wood, requires more upkeep than retractable awnings made of synthetic fabrics that provide flexible UV rays protection while being easy-to-clean.

Durability & Longevity

When it comes to durability and longevity, not all patio cover materials are created equal.

Aluminum patio covers, for instance, stand up well against weather elements. They provide excellent shade and block sunlight effectively while also offering flexible UV rays protection.

This typical patio cover material is resistant to rust and corrosion making them a popular choice for outdoor living spaces in New Orleans where weather conditions can be harsh.

In contrast, wooden patio covers, although aesthetically pleasing with their natural look that complements any outdoor furniture or space perfectly, require regular maintenance to prevent decay from exposure to moisture or pests such as termites.

Vinyl Patio Covers, on the other hand, offer great resistance against rotting or peeling but may fade over time under constant sun exposure. Check out some vinyl options here.


Choosing the right material for your commercial patio cover is no small feat.

You’ve weighed aluminum against wood, vinyl versus steel, and considered cost implications.

Maintenance requirements have been scrutinized alongside durability and longevity factors.

The process may seem daunting but remember – it’s all about finding what suits your specific needs best.

At Big Easy Fence, we understand these complexities well. We’re fence contractors with years of experience in the New Orleans Area who can help you navigate through this decision-making journey seamlessly.

If you’re ready to make an informed choice on the perfect patio cover for your commercial space…

We invite you to reach out to us at Big Easy Fence. Let us collaborate to build a long-lasting and attractive exterior area that will endure the test of time. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! Contact us today!